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GRADE BioMed FIRST Career Talk: Dr. Ivan Krstic, Director of Marketing at Elsevier Life Sciences, on development of software for chemists in pharma and academia & the transition from academia to a non-academic career

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April 24, 2024 | 16:30 | online

Dr. Ivan Krstic studied chemistry in Belgrade and earned his PhD at Goethe-University in the Prisner lab. He stayed on as a postdoc for two years before deciding to join Elsevier as a Customer Support Specialist. Ten years later, he now serves as Senior Director of Marketing in Elsevier Life Sciences, leading a team of ten product marketers responsible for understanding the needs of researchers in pharma, developing global marketing strategy and plans, creating value propositions, product positioning, messaging content, and enabling sales and other teams to tell the story. His previous role was Director of Product Management and Head of Chemistry Solutions, where he was responsible for business growth, strategy development, roadmap execution, and overall product management of Reaxys. Ivan and his team work closely with pharma customers to help them solve challenges in early drug discovery and lead optimization, as well as pharmacovigilance, using Elsevier's chemistry software Reaxys, biomedical solution Embase, and others.

What he enjoys a lot is being in constant contact with researchers at different stages of their careers and helping them solve their scientific and career problems. The transition from PhD/postdoc to a non-academic career has piqued his interest, and he has given several presentations and workshops on this topic, including at his former research group and universities worldwide. He is happy to share his knowledge and experience at Elsevier and address some of the challenges and fears he has noticed, even among successful senior scientists at large companies or universities.

This Career Talk will focus on chemists, biologists, and pharmacists, as these are the areas covered by his life science unit, but others are also very welcome.