GRADE Initiative "Interdisciplinary Dialogue and Collaboration on Climate Change"

Thematic Focus

The main goal of the Initiative is to foster dialogue between early career researchers working on topics in the wider field of climate change. The Initiative is open to all disciplinary approaches and all early career researchers (PhDs, Postdocs) affiliated with Goethe University or any other research institution in Frankfurt.

Planned Projects

Internal dialogue is fostered via internal workshops in which participants present and discuss their work. Internal dialogue aims at getting to know both a) the others' specific question, approach and results as well as b) the others' discipline-specific way of thinking about the wider topic of climate change.

External dialogue is fostered via the organisation of speaker series. External speakers from specific subfields will share their disciplines' approch to thinking about the topic. External speakers who have themselves collaborated on the topic in an interdisciplinary fashion will share their challenges and best practises.

Members list & mailing list

All members are interested in interdisciplinary dialogue and are generally open engage with others in their specific field of interest. If you want to get access to our members list to learn about our members’ topics of interest and to contact them to get in touch, please write an email. If you want to share your event on climate change of potential interest to our members, please get in touch.


Workshop 1: 09.10.2023, RuW building, Room 4.202

Workshop 2: April 2024


Should you be interested in participating, attending our events or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Johanna Saecker.


Patrick Blank – FB 02

Elisabeth Binder - FB 02
Development Economics, Applied Micro-econometrics: Studies on the Impact of Weather Anomalies in Rural and Urban Areas

Sophie Louise Nippel – FB 01
Central Banks and Green Finance

Johanna Saecker – FB 02
Macroeconomics: Economic Policy in the Green Transition

Julian Salg – FB 02
Energy Economics

Katrijn Siderius – FB 03
Climate Politics, Political Economy

Lukas Sparenborg – FB 03
Climate Justice, Intergenerational Justice, Structural Transformation